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Our journey started since 2010, Smart Pack Machinery Sdn Bhd is founded by a team of professional and experienced technical people who have been in the packaging industry for many years. The core objective of Smart Pack is to design and manufacture the full line of high performance packaging system.


With strong technical background, we have the advantage of design and fabricate our own machine capability to ensure that our machine performance can fulfill out customers the best. In the meantime, our machine professionals are exposed greatly in application engineering, proving everything from concept to commissioning, thereby aiming towards more personalized customer satisfaction.


Throughout the years, we put in great focus to improve our machine quality in terms of consistent performance and the value for quality in competitive price. Our objective is to provide user-friendly machine that has high packaging capability to our customers. Quality and performance are the thing that we will never compromise with.



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Customise According to Your Needs

Follow Sharp Lead Time

Persistent R&D Strategy

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Self Manufactured

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Founded by Technical Background Professionals

Now, we are serving customers from different industries across the world. We are the packaging machine strong player for the Food & Beverage industry as well as for other consumers products. As our technology developed, we have also fulfilled the pharmaceutical products packaging needs.


The power of innovation and persistent R&D are highly appreciated in our company. We are constantly improving and developing new products that emphasize at energy and cost efficiency. Thus, we are responsive at the latest market trend and meet customer’s changing needs. We always ensure that we are moving forward in our packaging technology.

In Smart Pack Machinery,
we are always ready to provide value added packaging solution.